Getting Started: Match Test in Platform

Getting Started: Match Test in Platform

Platform Match Test

Preview Your Expected Match Rate Before Purchasing. 
The ability to see how FullContact’s data can enrich and enhance your data is a vital first step in a partnership.

The process is simple. You upload a file with your customers’ data fragments and see what resolved data coverage we can provide. Our match test hits the API directly, so you know what you can expect when querying at higher volumes.

Right within our Platform, upload your data and see immediately how we can meet your enrichment, appending, or Identity Resolution needs. With the speed of our API and our Identibase graph powering it, you’ll have the confidence in understanding how thoroughly we can help you find and understand your customers.

How it works

1. Head on to our new FullContact Platform to either sign in or log in using your FullContact account credentials.

2. Once you are on the homepage, click on 'Match Test'.

3. Upload a formatted .CSV file through the 'Run a Match Test' section.

4. Instantly see match rates for each and every Insights Bundles that FullContact has on the Reports tab (the below screenshot shows purely representational values).

4. Discuss match rates with us for the Insights Bundle you need to solve your business problems.

5. Get those Insights Bundles enabled and start getting results!

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