Getting Started: Insights Bundles

Getting Started: Insights Bundles

What are Insights Bundles?

FullContact Insights Bundles offer a variety of attributes that provide you with even more valuable insights to help better understand the whole person. Person Insights Bundles are a feature within Enrich that enable you to customize the Person Enrichment response, further enriching contact with data such as Demographics, Employment History, and more.

How to Configure Insights Bundles? 

To configure the Insights Bundles for your plan, visit the Plan & Billing section within the FullContact Platform. From here you can view and manage the Insights Bundles that are enabled for your account, along with the associated cost for each. Customers with custom plans will need to contact their sales representative to have Insights Bundles configured for their account.

You can find more detailed information about Insight Bundles on our Developer Docs.

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