Zapier Integration: To Enrich FullContact Person and Company Data

            Enrich Contacts With FullContact Person and Company Data


            Zapier is a simple way to set up workflows between the apps you use daily. FullContact’s integration enriches your contacts or company records with demographic, social, company data points and more so that you can better personalize your communication. Make sure your Zapier account can support 3-step Zaps to use the “Search” functionality.


            Here’s an example of a Zap that takes a Typeform form response, enriches the respondent with FullContact data points like job, social presence and more, and adds that contact to MailChimp.


            Let’s set up your Zap.


            1. Log into Zapier and click `Make a Zap`.
              • pasted_image_0.png
            2. Pick your trigger app. This is where your contact or company record will come from. If it’s a contact, make sure it has either an email address or Twitter handle so FullContact can identify the person. If it’s a company, make sure it has a domain.
              • Screen_Shot_2017-11-20_at_5.02.55_PM.png
            3. Go through the steps of setting up your trigger app.
            4. Now you’ll be asked to choose an `Action App`. Select FullContact and scroll down through the actions to the Search section.
            5. Pick either Find Company (queries Company API), or Find Person (queries Person API).
              • Screen_Shot_2017-11-30_at_3.36.46_PM.png
            6. You’ll be prompted to connect your FullContact account. Sign up for one if you haven’t yet.
              • Screen_Shot_2017-11-16_at_2.03.45_PM.png
              • ^ Here is an example of the FullContact permissions page you’ll see when you connect your account.
            7. Depending on the action you chose, you’ll be asked to pick the data point from your trigger app to search FullContact with.
              • Find Person:Screen_Shot_2017-11-20_at_5.12.20_PM.png
              • Find Company:Screen_Shot_2017-11-20_at_5.10.14_PM.png
            8. Save and continue on.
            9. Pick an action app for your final destination. What do you want to do with this contact once it is enriched with FullContact data? Here’s an example of how you can use FullContact data to enrich a new subscriber in MailChimp.
              • Screen_Shot_2017-11-20_at_5.26.54_PM.png
            10. You’re done. Turn on your zap!
              • Screen_Shot_2017-11-20_at_5.26.09_PM.png


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