Querying Account Stats - v3 Developer API

            If you find you are in need of information about whether you can continue to query - or if you need to hold off to conserve quotas - you can call on our Stats endpoint.

            Understanding your current API usage is helpful, not only for billing purposes, but also within your application. For example, if you are nearing or have exceeded your usage limits for our Enrich API, you may want your application to behave differently, possibly limiting or preventing further requests until you have upgraded your plan to avoid overages. The Account Stats API will give you the insights needed to make these sorts of decisions by providing usage information for the current billing period.

            Retrieving Usage

            Example Request


            To get current usage, post a request to the Account Stats API. If you are interested in stats for particular APIs only, you can provide those in the statsproperty of the request post body.

            Request Properties
            statsarray An array of string values for each of the available stats categories. Possible values include personcompany, and cardreader. If empty or not supplied, the default behavior is to return all stats.



            Example Response



            The Stats API returns back an object with information regarding the current billing period, plan details, and usage metrics. The usage metrics are available in the stats key, with a sub-key for each category. Every category will contain sub-keys for it's respective metrics, with each metric containing keys for countquota, and overQuotacount will hold the current value of the given metric, quota represents the amount or limit allowed for the given period (if applicable), and overQuota is a simple boolean, with a value of true if the count is greater than the quota for a given metric.

            Response Properties
            period.startstring The start date of the reporting period, in format YYYY-MM-DD.
            period.endstring The end date of the reporting period, in format YYYY-MM-DD.
            plan.namestring The display name of your current plan.
            plan.periodstring The billing term of your plan. Possible values are MONTH or YEAR.
            plan.baseCostdouble The base cost or price of your plan. Note that this is only the base cost, and may differ from your charged amount due to overages and other factors.
            plan.daysRemainingInPeriodinteger The number of days left in the current billing period.
            stats.person.enrichment.matchesobject The number of person enrichment requests that resulted in a match.
            stats.person.enrichment.missesobject The number of person enrichment requests that resulted in a miss/not found found.
            stats.person.enrichment.totalobject The total number of person enrichment requests.
            stats.person.subscriptions.createdobject The total number of person subscriptions created this period.
            stats.person.subscriptions.currentobject The current number of active person subscriptions.
            stats.person.subscriptions.deliveredobject The total number of person subscription updates delivered for this period.
            stats.company.enrichment.matchesobject The number of company enrichment requests that resulted in a match.
            stats.company.enrichment.missesobject The number of company enrichment requests that resulted in a miss/not found found.
            stats.company.enrichment.totalobject The total number of company enrichment requests.


            Updated: 12 Apr 2019 03:58 AM
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