Getting Started with Enrich API

            Welcome to FullContact! Our Enrich API helps you turn contact fragments (like emails) into fully enriched contact profiles. Our goal with this guide is to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

            Step 1 – Go to the API Dashboard

            If you already have an account, start by logging in:

            Log in to the API Dashboard

            Or, if you’re new to FullContact, you can create an account.

            Step 2 – Try It Out

            Our Try It Out tool will give you an idea of the type of data you can get from the Enrich API. The responses are shown visually but you can also toggle to see the code. This feature also gives a preview of paid data packs (which you can toggle on/off), so you can see what insights best apply to your goals.  Feel free to jump down to Step 3 if you want to get right into the code.

            Go to Try It Out

            Step 3 – Generate an API Key 

            Generate an API Key

            ☝🏽 Click the button above. Or, keys can be created from the API Dashboard in two different places. The easiest way is to click “Get an API Key” in the Getting Started panel. Yo can also manage your API keys (including generating new ones) in the API key section below the Getting Started or Quick Usage Stats panel. API Keys cannot be seen in their entirety via the dashboard. Once you generate your key, make sure you store it somewhere safe - if it is lost, the only option is to regenerate.

            Step 4 – Make an API Call

            We recommend reading our developer documentation to be best equipped and prepared to begin development and make your first call to the API.


            View the API Docs


            Knowledge Base and Developer Docs

            For further documentation and resources, you can access our customer knowledge base or our developer documentation.


            Developer Blog

            Subscribe to our Developer Blog to learn best practices, customer use cases, product roadmap, and insight from our engineering and product teams.



            If you’re looking for help, work with your direct Account Manager (if you’ve been assigned one). Or if you have a general question or issue with your account, contact our support team by submitting a request.


            Updated: 08 Oct 2019 10:15 AM
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