Getting Started: Response Codes

            A list of general response codes and a description of each is available below. Specific response codes for individual endpoints have been documented alongside the request for each endpoint.

            Response Codes

            200 - OK The request was successful. 
            202 - Accepted The request was successful and it is currently being processed. 
            400 - Bad Request There was an issue with the request that was provided. 
            401 - Unauthorized You have not provided valid credentials for this resource or provided them improperly. 
            403 - Forbidden The credentials you provided are valid but either you do not have access to this resource, or you have exceeded your allotted usage. 
            404 - Not Found No data could be found. 
            429 - Too Many Requests The request is denied because you have reached your request rate limit. 
            50X - Server Error Something is broken on FullContact's side. If you encounter this, please contact us at for assistance.

            Updated: 23 Apr 2019 07:29 PM
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