Getting Started: Marketo Integration

            FullContact demographic, company and affinity data can be used in Marketo for the following purposes:

            • Lead segmentation by custom lead fields for targeted communications.
            • Create lead scoring rules that automatically increase or decrease someone’s lead score based on the value of custom field values.
            • Personalize emails you send to leads with personalization tokens so that the details of the email can be as relevant as possible.
            • Trigger workflows so that leads with a certain property get enrolled into a series of marketing automation actions.

            FullContact can enrich your leads with demographic, social, company data and more. The ones that are most beneficial to you will depend on your specific use case.

            For information on how to setup the Marketo Integration see the attached FC Marketo Integration Setup Guide.pdf

            When configuring the webhooks for your Marketo Integration the attached FC Marketo Attributes.pdf may be helpful.


            Additional Tips based on Support Tickets we've seen:

            If you find that your Webhook isn't returning follow up information from a response 200 (searching for more information response) you may want to implement the below.

            Potential Solution:
            Instead, Call Webhook once more after a 5 minute Wait step (or 6 minutes to be safe).  Have another Smart Campaign that triggers on Webhook is Called, constrained by response = HTTP 200. In that second SC's Flow, call Remove from Campaign on the first campaign.



            Updated: 01 May 2019 08:38 PM
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