Getting Started: Multi-Field Request

            What is Multi Field Request?


            Multi Field Request is a feature enhancement to our Enich API launched on July 1st 2019. It adds the ability to match on multiple input fields that may be available instead of just one. Using multi-field request, you can send a list of identifiers that you may already have like email address(es), Twitter handle, Linkedin URL, phone number(s), name and address(es) and other social profiles. These identifiers will be used to resolve to an individual and return additional information through data packs enabled for your account. 

            Why Multi-Field?

            • Noticeable increase in Match Rates

            • Ability to query based on new & combination identifiers like name & address

            Who has access to Multi-Field Request?

            All users of Enrich API will have access to Multi-Field Enrich from 1st July 2019. Users of our v2 API will not have access to multi-field request. We recommend that you upgrade to Enrich API to access this powerful capability.  

            How to use Multi Field Request?

            Multi-field request capability will be available on the existing Enrich API endpoint and there is no need to generate a new key. However, you will need to change they way input is passed to the API. 

            So, what’s changed for the input fields?

            1. You will now be able to search on one or many email addresses and phone numbers for a given contact.

            2. EmailHash is now part of the email input field instead of its own input field.

            3. You will now be able to search on social IDs, URLs, and usernames (except Facebook and Instagram).

            4. You can now search on location or name in the request, if both are present and .follow the laid combination it enhances call out.

            Detailed information about input fields is available in our developer docs.

            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 07:46 AM
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