Using sFTP : FileZilla

            How to install FTP client(FileZilla)

            1. Go to

            2. Click Download FileZilla Client (All Platforms).

                  3. Click Download FileZilla Client.

                  4. The file will then be downloaded to your system.

                  5. Install FileZilla through the prompts.

                  6. Once installed, launch FileZilla.

            How to use FileZilla

            1. Once FileZilla has been launched, click File->Site Manager.

            2. Click New Site.

            3. Under General, select the below settings.

            Protocol : SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol

            Host:           Port: 22

            Logon Type:   Normal

            User:              Your username(provided by FullContact)

            Password:     Your password(provided by FullContact)

                   4. Click Connect

            How to upload files to the sFTP server

            Once connected to the sFTP server, you can drag and drop the file you need to upload to the uploads folder.

            How to retrieve the output file

            The output file can be retrieved from the results folder.

            Updated: 22 Jul 2019 05:54 AM
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