Email Verification API

            How does FullContact verify an email address?

            We perform a real time communication with the mail server to confirm the email address exists.

            Example, if the email is, we communicate directly with Gmail to confirm that the email address exists. Same thing goes for business emails. If the email is, we communicate and confirm directly with Home Depot’s mail server. We never email or actually send any form of communication to the email address.

            More specifically, how do you verify an email address?

            For consumer email addresses, we communicate directly with the service providers.

            For business email addresses there are a few steps to the process.

            1. Syntax check - does the email meet the bare minimum standard of what is required to be an email?
            2. Domain DNS verification - does the domain exist and have the necessary elements to deliver email?
            3. SMTP verification - does the server recognize and accept mail for the email address being analyzed?
            Updated: 12 Apr 2019 03:58 AM
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