Data Add-Ons

            You can toggle on and off Data Add-ons that meet your specific needs and provide deeper insights into your customers. Mix and match to get the data you need to segment, personalize, verify and complete your contact records.

            Available Data Add-ons include:


            Insights into what’s important to your customers so you can personalize and add relevancy to your marketing efforts.

            All Social

            Connect email addresses to social handles for an omni-channel approach that reaches your customers how and where they prefer.


            Segment your customers and create targeted audiences based on common attributes such as age, gender and location. 

            Email Hash

            Discover alternate emails to consolidate customer profiles and help build custom audiences while still respecting your customers’ privacy.

            Employment History

            Perform account-based marketing initiatives or improve recruiting efforts with professional data associated with your contacts.


            Enhance personas, create behavior models or surprise and delight your customers by knowing their interests.

            Key People

            Shorten the sales prospecting process by identifying executives and leaders within your target companies.



            Updated: 12 Apr 2019 03:59 AM
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