How to Transition to V3 Enrich API

How to Transition to V3 Enrich API


FullContact’s Enrich API offers these key benefits from the previous API versions:

  1. Access to new data add-on functionality to provide additional data enrichment such as social affinities, employment history, demographics, and more.
  2. Consumers will now be able to search on one or many email addresses and phone numbers for a given contact.
  3. You will now be able to search on social IDs, URLs, and usernames (except Facebook and Instagram).
  4. EmailHash (Email masking/Spoofing) is now part of the email input field instead of its own input field. 
  5. Users can now search on location or name in the request, if both are present and
    follow the laid combination it enhances call out.

How to Use Enrich API (Person and Company Enrichment):

1) Generate New API Key(s)

  • Login to Platform and click “Generate API Key”.
    • Note: If access to the account or the email address is not possible, please refer to the instructions on changing access on your account here.
  • Copy your key to your clipboard and store it in a safe place. Important: API keys are obfuscated and cannot be retrieved once the popup goes away.


2) Update your Requests. Enrich API has a different request structure, with a different mechanism for sending your API key as well as a different way for sending matching criteria for person and company profiles.

  • Authorization Header In the previous version of the API, API keys could be sent either as a query parameter, or within the X-FullContact-APIKey header. With the new API, keys are now sent across within the Authorization header, with the string “Bearer “ (yes, that’s a space after “Bearer”) added to the beginning of your key. This is the only allowed method for including keys in the new API.
  • POST instead of GET One of the more significant changes in our API is the move to an RPC-style interface instead of REST. This means that all requests to our new APIs will be done using the POST method instead of GET. Be sure that your code is updated to now send requests using the POST method.
  • Query Changes In our previous API, lookup parameters for both Person and Company were sent as query parameters in the request. In our new APIs, this information is now sent across as keys inside of a post body object, referred to as the Multi Field Request. All of the previous queryable fields (email address, phone, etc.) are still supported in the Enrich API.

3) Parse the Response. Our new APIs now return only JSON, so if your code is using something other than JSON today, be sure to update it to accept a JSON response. The structure of the response is also different, so you will need to change how you are accessing the various elements. View our Person Enrichment and Company Enrichment documentation sections for details on what the new response looks like.

4) Reach Out to Us. We’d love to know when you’re up and running!  We want to make sure your API plan is optimized for your use case and can answer any questions. Please contact your account representative and let them know you activated the Enrich API key.

If you don’t know who your account representative is, email

To learn more about Enrich API, please visit our API Documentation

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