How to setup Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on your FullContact account

How to setup Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) on your FullContact account

1. Login to Platform
2. Go to the Account Preferences page. Once logged in click on "My Account" -> "Account" in the bottom left menu bar:

3. Click "Edit" in the MFA row. Once on the "Account - Settings" tab, click "Edit" under the "MFA" field.

4. Enter your current password. After clicking on "Edit" in the previous step, a pop up will appear prompting you for your password. Enter your current password into the box and click "Enable MFA". If you do not know your current password visit the Forgot Password page.

5. Use a virtual authenticator app to scan the code. Scan the code displayed on the screen with an app such as Google Authenticator, Authy, or 1Password. Because the code will not be revealed again, make sure you scan it or copy it and save it somewhere safe.
6. Click Done and Confirm. When you click the Done button, the text will change to "Confirm" and you will get a warning message. This is simply a reminder that this code will not be displayed again and to double-check that it has been appropriately put to your authenticator app.
Please visit this link for instructions on how to log into your Platform with MFA.

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