Getting Started: Resolve

Getting Started: Resolve

FullContact’s Resolve

FullContact’s Resolve empowers you to unify all pieces of your fragmented customer, prospect, and user data to an individual. Improve campaign efficiency and messaging to consumers while providing a memorable customer experience. All in real-time via API.

FullContact customers can use Resolve to consolidate their CRM, and various other customer information from numerous platforms to get real-time, two-way consolidation and updating of customer information with high match rates and confidence levels. With the ability to bring together customer and third-party data, Resolve is a revolutionary tool for brands, publishers, and agencies that need to manage user experience, attribution, and omnichannel marketing.

How It Works

Mapping Identities: Using your databases of customer information, fragmented and siloed inputs are mapped to individuals. Each matched record is tied to a persistent identifier at the person level.

Connecting and Optimizing: Use that persistent Person ID to merge or deduplicate your datasets, connect datasets across your enterprise, message consistently, and query FullContact for additional information about that person or you can use the Person ID as an anonymous ID in the AdTech / MarTech ecosystem for measurement and optimization.

Identity Graph

What is our Resolve success rate?

Our average match rate for Resolve is 93%. Deduplication or overlapping records rate is dependent on the customer records. You can expect an average of 10-15% of duplicate records.


You can browse through our API Reference for further insights on how you can leverage the Resolve function.
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