Getting Started: Verify

Getting Started: Verify

With Verify, you can identify actual individuals and assess risk in real-time using matches, signals, and activity scores from our identity graph.

Verify MatchWe compare the data in our identity graph with your data on a specific person to offer a risk score based on how well the information matches. Use matches to identify risk on a form field or credit card or loan application.

Verify Signal: Verify's signal data offers valuable insight into our confidence about a person's identity, activity, and risk level. Use these highly-specific and high-value signals to build and train your advanced IDV and fraud algorithms.

Verify Activity: Provides a numerical score to help you determine the legitimacy of a given data point. Long-term regular activity is a positive signal, and new, sporadic activity from a specific identifier is considered negative.

You can find more about the Verify API here

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