FullContact for Gmail

  1. How to sign in / create an account in FullContact for Gmail

  2. How to minimize FullContact for Gmail

  3. Contact Actions - Edit, Tag - in FullContact for Gmail

  4. What can I search for in the FullContact for Gmail extension?

  5. Why was my Calendar invite cancelled?

  6. How to edit notes on a contact

  7. How to copy information from a contact

  8. How to edit a label on a location

  9. How to reset password

  10. How long does it take to sync a save back to my FullContact for Web account?

  11. What is Activity tab?

  12. How to add a photo to a contact

  13. How do I change what account I’m logged in to?

  14. How to set a primary phone number / email address / location for a contact

  15. Where is FullContact for Gmail getting details on contacts?

  16. Does editing a contact in FullContact for Gmail sync back to my FullContact for Web account?

  17. How to send an email from FullContact for Gmail

  18. How to view company information on a contact

  19. How can I change which contact is getting displayed?

  20. How to remove a social network profile from a contact

  21. How do I add a contact to my address book?

  22. Where does the information being searched come from?

  23. How to report bad data

  24. How do I create a Google Calendar invite for a specific contact?

  25. How do I move the display to the left side?

  26. Why were no results found for my search?

  27. How do I close a search?

  28. What is your privacy policy?

  29. How do I remove the FullContact for Gmail Extension from my browser?

  30. How do I favorite a contact in the FullContact for Gmail extension?

  31. How do I use the Company information in my own app?

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