FullContact Card Reader iOS

  1. How to submit a card for transcription?

  2. Problem signing in

  3. How many cards are left in my account?

  4. How can I purchase more cards?

  5. Business card received a transcription error

  6. Do I need to have Salesforce to use Card Reader

  7. How long does it typically take for business cards to be transcribed?

  8. Can I export my cards from Card Reader into my device's contacts?

  9. Who is transcribing my cards?

  10. Why are there sometimes errors in transcription?

  11. Can I export a list of all cards transcribed by Card Reader?

  12. Why is the "notes" field missing when I export a card to my iPhone contacts?

  13. Salesforce: What Salesforce Editions are able to use Card Reader?

  14. Salesforce: How do I connect/disconnect my Salesforce Account?

  15. Salesforce: Is someone logging into my Salesforce account?

  16. Salesforce: How does the authentication/security process work for Card Reader's Integration with Salesforce?

  17. Salesforce: Can I upload to both Leads and Contacts?

  18. Salesforce: Why can I not resubmit a card to Salesforce?

  19. Salesforce: Why does a new Lead or Contact get created when resubmitting to Salesforce?

  20. Salesforce: What fields and field types are not supported?

  21. Salesforce: I got an error notification that Card Reader didn’t add my Lead or Contact to Salesforce. What do I do next?

  22. Salesforce: When having a business card transcribed, how do I assign a Lead or Contact to a Campaign?

  23. Salesforce: What permissions do I need to assign Leads or Contacts to Campaigns?

  24. Salesforce: If my card fails to add to Salesforce, where can I find an error message as to why it failed? Can I correct the issue and submit the card again?

  25. Salesforce: Why when I enter a card through Card Reader it gets assigned to a Lead Owner other than me?

  26. Salesforce: Error with state and country picklists

  27. Pricing: How much does Card Reader cost?

  28. Pricing: How do I change my iTunes subscription settings?

  29. Pricing: How Do I request a refund for Card Reader?

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