FullContact for Web

  1. FAQs About the FullContact Address Book

  2. How to Sync Your Devices with FullContact

  3. How to Sync Contacts in FullContact Web App?

  4. Contact Actions - Edit, Tag, Update, Merge - in FullContact Web App

  5. What are Unified Contacts?

  6. FAQs for Cobook users migrating to FullContact

  7. Known Issues for the FullContact Address Book Web

  8. Can I share a contact list?

  9. How to Export Contacts?

  10. How to Upload a Business Card?

  11. What are FullContact Updates?

  12. Why Is the Address Being Truncated or Shortened in My Contact Record in Google Chrome?

  13. How to Reset Password?

  14. How to add a new contact?

  15. How to export my Google Contacts?

  16. Why are some web links broken in contact records?

  17. Why is the number of my Facebook contacts less than the number of my friends in Facebook?

  18. How to check which apps have access to my Google Contacts?

  19. What is the Maximum File Size I Can Upload?

  20. Which CSV Formats Do You Currently Support?

  21. LinkedIn Import FAQs

  22. How do I add LinkedIn to FullContact?

  23. Why do I only see "My Contacts" from my Google Contact account?

  24. What are Google's contact storage limits?

  25. Why aren't all my social network contacts being displayed?

  26. Why are my images a low resolution?

  27. Information about Access Tokens

  28. Why is my Unified Contacts address book blank?

  29. What are the different Sync Settings options for my FullContact Address Book?

  30. Why is it taking longer than estimated for 'Unifying my contacts'

  31. How do I un-merge a Unified Contact?

  32. What happens when I'm over my limit of contacts?

  33. Why are long notes being shortened?

  34. How to remove FullContact from Google Drive and Chrome

  35. Why don't all my Twitter contacts sync up?

  36. Can Multiple People Login to the Same Account?

  37. What Happens if My Credit Card Transaction Fails?

  38. Does FullContact Provide Phone Support?

  39. How do I change my FullContact username (email)?

  40. How do I change my FullContact password?

  41. How do I Delete my FullContact account?

  42. What applications has access to my Google My Contacts Account

  43. Why are duplicates appearing on my Phone

  44. Why can’t I view my address books on FullContact for Web?

  45. Where Can I Get a Backup File for My Contacts?

  46. How do I Purchase Premium in FullContact for Web?

  47. How to cancel your Premium subscription

  48. How to search for contacts with No Phone or No Email address?

  49. Do tags and groups sync by default?

  50. How do I turn syncing tags and groups on or off?

  51. Which Google contact groups sync with FullContact tags?

  52. Do FullContact Favorites sync with the “Starred” list in Google/Android?

  53. What is the Activity Log?

  54. How do I restore a deleted contact?

  55. Can I undo changes made to a contact in the Activity Log?

  56. What contacts are displayed in the Activity Log?

  57. How soon are actions logged in the Activity Log?

  58. Can I restore my account to a certain point in the Activity Log?

  59. What is the default address book used when searching?

  60. Does FullContact advanced search work the same way across platforms?

  61. What are the advanced search operators and syntax?

  62. Does favorite status affect search results?

  63. How does weighting work in FullContact advanced search?

  64. What fields are indexed in FullContact search?

  65. What type of character encoding does FullContact use?

  66. Do you have to type in a special character to get a result with that special character?

  67. What information shows up in instant results?

  68. How will you know why a certain contact matched your query?

  69. How many results are returned from a search?

  70. How to optimally sync all of your Tags with FullContact?

  71. Can I sync Google & iCloud accounts but keep the Tags separate?

  72. Does iCloud Sync Work with Apple Two-Step Verification?

  73. How do I view what changes were made in the Activity Log?

  74. Changes to Facebook

  75. Can I edit a contact in the Activity Log?

  76. How to contact support?

  77. Can I sync with Salesforce?

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