Menu bar version

To set FullContact to show only menu bar app, go to FullContact -> Preferences [ ⌘+, ] -> select Hide Dock Icon.

Menu bar version allows you to search, contact (email, iMessage, call), add new contacts, view contact details, edit contacts (will open a new window), add a contact to favorites, merge or delete contacts. 

To search a contact, start typing in the search bar; search doesn't work in URL fields yet. FullContact will automatically show details for the first contact in the list. 

To add a new contact, you will need to type in information that's not matching any existing contact, or by clicking ⌘+ N (this will open dock version).

To edit a contact, click on the pencil icon in contact view or with right-click on a contact. Right-click also allows you to email, iMessage, call a contact, add it to favorites, share, or delete it. 

You can also multi-select contacts to merge them, contact them (email, iMessage, call), favorite, share, or delete them.

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