I received a CoreDAVHTTP 502 error on my Mac or iPhone. What does this mean?

After Brewster's platform is officially terminated on April 23rd, you may begin to receive '502' errors on your iPhone or Mac. Here's what this error will look like:

If you initially installed the Brewster CardDAV profile to sync between your Brewster account and your Apple device(s), you may see this error when trying to edit a contact, for example.

Here are our recommended steps:
  1. Confirm whether or not the contacts on your Apple device are already syncing with another third-party server (i.e. iCloud, Exchange, Google, or FullContact CardDAV)
    • If YES, you should uninstall the Brewster CardDAV Profile to avoid seeing errors. To disable CardDAV from your Mac, open your System Preferences --> Accounts --> remove Brewster's CardDAV Profile. To disable CardDAV from your iPhone, open your native Settings --> General --> remove the Brewster CardDAV Profile.
    • If NO, you need to sync these contacts to another platform first (iCloud, Exchange, Google, and / or FullContact CardDAV). Let our Support team know if you need assistance syncing them to another source: support@fullcontact.com.
Important notes:
  • If are using Brewster's CardDAV to sync with the local contacts on your Apple device(s), once the profile is deleted, contacts will disappear. Therefore, you will need to configure your device to use another source (i.e. Google, iCloud, etc) before the profile is deleted.
  • If you delete the CardDAV profile and you haven't synced your contacts to another place, they will disappear from your Apple device. If this happens, let our Support team know and we can assist in recovering them.

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