How does FullContact differ from Brewster?

First and foremost, you can find a list of the apps we offer here (i.e. FullContact for Web, FullContact for Gmail, iOS / Android apps, etc.). Essentially, there are a few major components to our software:

1. We keep your contacts synced across your devices / platforms (your smartphone, computer, tablet, etc.). Unlike Brewster, even on a free (Basic) FullContact account, you can bi-directionally sync with your Google Contacts OR iCloud account. You will need to pick one or the other, but the sync is both ways; in other words, we will write back changes to your Google or iCloud account from FullContact.

2. We de-dupe / merge, clean, and provide updates for your contacts. Any contacts that we deem - with high confidence - are the same, we will merge automatically on your behalf (this is similar to Brewster's 'Intellimerge'). You can view this automatic merges in your account's Activity Log. Any contacts that we deem - with lower confidence - are the same, we will flag in your Duplicates tab. We also provide publicly available information for your contacts to keep them up-to-date. In essence, we provide updates to your contact data by combining information from hundreds of public websites, social networks, APIs, trusted partners and users of our service. Any contacts with newly found information will be flagged in your Updates tab.

3. We provide a business card transcription service to turn your business cards into contacts. We offer our business card transcription service for both iPhone and Android users. You can read more about our Card Reader app here. With Card Reader, you can also integrate with Salesforce and a variety of CRMs / email marketing platforms. 

4. We allow you to import your contacts (as a CSV or vCard file) into your FullContact account. These contacts include those exported from Salesforce or another CRM, a Yahoo account, a file of contacts that exist on your desktop, etc. and are then imported into your FullContact account.

Secondly, our Pricing page can also give a brief overview of what we can offer as well. Thirdly, our Learning Center contains a variety of articles about setting up your FullContact account optimally. 

That being said, our Support team would be happy to address any specific questions or concerns you have. You can sign up for a free concierge session with me here:

Lastly, we offer a 'Getting Started' webinar, which you may find beneficial! It's a great way for new (and veteran) FullContact users to become further equipped with knowledge regarding our software's features and benefits. It's also an opportunity to pick up tips, tools, tricks, etc. for getting the most out of our apps and products. You can sign up here:

Please do not hesitate to contact our Support team with further questions / concerns you have.

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