Contact Actions: edit, delete, tag, update, and merge in the FullContact for Mac

Editing and Deleting Contacts

You can edit your contacts in any of the FullContact Apps and the changes will be reflected on all other platforms you use.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact Web App, please click here.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact for iOS, please click here.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact for Android, please click here.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact for Gmail, please click here.

Open the contact you wish to edit, select Edit at the top right corner to start editing the fields on the contact.

You can also delete your contacts by clicking the Trash icon next to Edit at the top right corner.

Once you are done editing the contact, click Save in the top right corner to save the changes. If you move away from the contact, you will also be prompted to discard or save any changes made to the contact.

Quick Add

Quick Add option is located at the top of contact details. Quick Add can automatically recognize phone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, dates, URLs, tags (if you start with #).

Adding Tags

To tag a single contact within your Address Book, click on a contact who you'd like to Tag. Begin to the type the name of the Tag, and the contact will immediately display within this Tag.

To tag multiple contacts, select the contacts you wish to tag and click Tags from the menu below the selected contacts. This will prompt a pop-up window where you can see different tags already applied to at least one of these contacts. Type in an existing tag or new tag and it will be applied to all the selected contacts.

You can also create new tags from the left side menu by clicking +.

To Export, Rename, or Remove a tag, right-click on the tag.


FullContact Updates tool pulls information from the web, such as full name, title, company or organization, location, gender, as well as up to 120 different social network profiles. If you have not accepted/applied suggested updates, they will not sync to your connected iCloud / Google / Exchange address books and will not be exported.

You can apply / ignore updates from Updates section in the left-side menu:

 You can also apply Updates if you select the contact from contacts list:

Merging Contacts

When merging contacts from suggested duplicates, currently you can see and select which information is kept after the merge only in FullContact iOS app.

1. Select the contacts that you believe are duplicates. You can do this by doing Command + Click on a Mac. You can also click on the checkbox in the contact field. These contacts will then appear in the dashboard to the right.

2. Click  “Merge” below the selected contacts. This process may take a few seconds. The merged contact will then reappear.

Suggested duplicates

You can see duplicates suggested by FullContact in the left-side menu -> Duplicates. You can merge contacts one by one or press "Merge All" button to merge all possible duplicate contacts. If you determine that contacts are not duplicates, click the “Don't Merge” button. This will flag these contacts as not duplicates.

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