How FullContact Email Signatures work

Once you have connected a Gmail Inbox, we will scan your inbox for any E-mail signatures that you might have for the past 30 days and every e-mail you will receive from now on will automatically sync any new signatures into your FullContact account. Multiple signatures from the same person are merged into one main contact and any conflicting or new data will be appended. We will not replace old data. That means that we will not delete any old information from the contact if the contact has a new job in the new signature. 

When a contact record is captured from a signature, it is merged with the user’s Unified Contacts using our deduplication algorithm, so that the you have a complete record of the contact. 

Signatures are only captured if you have emailed or replied to a person at any time (not necessarily in the same thread as the signature) and signatures will be captured from all folders in Gmail except Spam, Trash, and Bulk.

Please note that Marketing or other popular list emails are blacklisted as we prevent extraction from emails from major providers such as MailChimp, SendGrid, etc. We also blacklist emails such as support@, info@, etc.

FullContact will not add signatures from auto-replies. We've filtered out received automatic replies because people often put alternate contact data in those that sometimes look like part of the signature.

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