Contact Actions: edit, tag, update, and merge in the FullContact for Web app

Editing Contacts

You can edit your contacts in any of the FullContact Apps and the changes will be reflected on all other platforms you use.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact for iOS, please click here.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact for Android, please click here.

To see how to edit contacts in FullContact for Gmail, please click here

Open the contact you wish to edit, select Edit in the top right corner to start editing the fields on the contact.

Once you are done editing the contact, press Save in the top right corner to save it. 

Adding Tags 

To tag a single contact within your Address Book, click on a contact who you'd like to Tag. Begin to the type the name of the Tag (either a previously created or a new one) in the Add Tag field for the contact. The contact will immediately display within this Tag.

To tag multiple contacts, select the contacts you wish to tag and click Tags from the upper menu at the top of the page.


This will prompt a pop-up window where you can see different tags already applied to at least one of these contacts (with numbers indicating the number of the selected contacts tagged). Type in an existing tag or new tag and it will be applied to all the selected contacts.

Tags are stored in the Tags Drawer in the far right corner of the page in the Web app. You can apply tags as filters by selecting each that you want to view. You will need to uncheck the tag by clicking the tag once more when you are finished viewing contacts in a tag group. Tags are grouped by My Tags and Smart Tags. Additionally, you can filter by Sources, which are located at the bottom. 


FullContact Updates tool pulls information from the web, such as full name, title, company or organization, location, gender, as well as up to 120 different social network profiles. If you have not accepted/applied suggested updates, they will not sync to your connected address books and will not be exported.

You can manage all your Updates from the Activity section of the Web App:

To get started, find a contact that has a blue flag. This indicates FullContact has found new information during one of our periodic web searches. Click on that contact.

At the top of the contact record, click the View Updates to see what updates are suggested and to apply them.You can then deselect which information you do not wish to update.

You can the view the Updates we have found, and if you prefer to ignore any of the information, simply uncheck the box for that particular update. 

If you don't like any of the changes we've made and later want to change them, you can click on the "History" view and use this feature to revert back to a previous version of the contact, before we made the updates. History can be accessed by clicking the 3 dots when viewing a contact record.

If you would like to make Updates to all of your contacts, open Updates from the left Menu. From the Update Wizard, you can click on Update All towards the top right corner of the main dashboard, or you can Update/Ignore updates for each contact separately.

Merging Contacts

1. Select the contacts that you believe are duplicates. Click on the checkbox in the contact field to the right of their name. These contacts will then appear in the dashboard.

2. Click  “Merge” near the top of the dashboard. The merged contact will then reappear.

Suggested duplicates
You can see duplicates suggested by FullContact from left Menu --->Activity--> Duplicates. Once there you can individually merge contacts one by one or press Merge All button to instantly merge all Possible Duplicates Contacts. If you determine that contacts are not duplicates, click the “Dismiss” button. This will flag these contacts as not duplicates.


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