Known issues for the FullContact for Web app

Below is a list of known issues in the FullContact Address Book and are currently being worked on.

Google account is already connected

You might receive this error message if your Google account is connected to an older account, or you have possibly used Google Sign-In in FullContact for Gmail Chrome extension, or FullContact account on iOS, Android, or Web App. 

If you receive this error, you can try using Google Sign-In to access this account and delete it:

If it's not helping, just email us at with the email address you're trying to connect.

Cards stuck as Transcribing

Some Business Cards, submitted either through the FullContact Address Book or the Card Reader apps for iPhone and Android, will get stuck as Transcribing. While the transcription has finished, it doesn't propagate over to the My Contacts list, which causes a display issue. While we have fixed 90% of the issue and many users shouldn't experience this again, you may have some cards in your account still showing as Transcribing.

If you do notice that, just email us at with your account email address, and we can get these cards and your account cleaned up.

Un-Merging a contact in My Contacts

To un-merge contacts, first, find the contact and then click on the three dots at the top-right corner of contact details to choose View History. Then find when the invalid merge happened and click on Unmerge.

Importing from LinkedIn creates many contacts with question marks ??? in their name

This is an unfortunate side effect of the LinkedIn export that is downloaded through LinkedIn. While the names appear correct within LinkedIn, when exporting they aren't using the appropriate charset, which makes names with certain characters turn into question marks. This can create issues when contacts are automatically merged because of having the same email address, etc.

We're looking for a workaround on this, but because the names are being improperly exported due to LinkedIn, it is tough to resolve.

Extra Contacts in the FullContact My Contacts that do not appear in My Contacts in Google

The reason you're seeing a discrepancy between the contacts in your Google source and your FullContact My Contacts is because of something called a "phantom" contact that Google+ creates.

If you skim this forum, there's an explanation as to why Google creates these phantom contacts:

Essentially, Google's counts are inconsistent because they mistakenly add extra, often spam-related contacts from Google+. These contacts will show up in some address books and not in others. For example, you will not see these in My Contacts or in Other Contacts.

Also, it is possible that these phantom contacts are coming from a Google+ Circle you created at some point. Unfortunately, even if you've unsubscribed from this circle, the extra contacts are still affecting your count number. Therefore, it's likely that your account had inconsistencies prior to joining FullContact.

As long as your FullContact Google source matches the count of My Contacts in Google, the bi-directional sync is functioning properly. The count may be lower when you click Export, but we are pulling the correct number of contacts in your My Contacts.

Card Packs not showing up after purchase

There are some reports that after purchasing a Card Pack through FullContact for iOS doesn't immediately make these Card Packs available. Usually this is due to a slow or intermittent connection either while making the purchase or while your account is attempting to talk with FullContact and grant you the cards for transcription.

First, ensure that you have a solid WiFi connection or full bars on your phone when attempting this purchase. Next, you may need to sign in and out of your FullContacat Account under Integrations. Lastly, try force quitting the app and opening it again. More on force quitting here:

If none of this works, let us know at and we can take a look at your logs.

Problems deleting your FullContact account

Please see our How to delete your FullContact account guide here:

However, if you are still getting an errors when attempting to delete your FullContact Address Book account, let us know and we can fully delete it for you on the backend. Just be sure to provide us with your FullContact account email address and also be sure to send the request from that email address.

Displayed counts off within the FullContact account

If the counts are incorrect within a specific connected source, let us know and we can reindex your account for you. This normally only takes a few minutes to process. We're currently working towards a better system that indexes counts much faster, but until then you may notice some incorrect counts, especially after uploading multiple contacts or syncing up a large account.

Restoring contacts into your account

There are a few options when restoring contacts to your account.

First, you can download a backup of your address books here:

If you are looking to do a point in time restore to your Google Contacts, you can read more about how to do that here:

You can also restore your contacts from iCloud:

When restoring through Google Contacts or iCloud it is strongly advised to disconnect your source from FullContact first. If you plan to sync up your Google Contacts or iCloud to FullContact again you will want to delete all contacts from My Contacts in FullContact first, so they do not sync back into your now restored Google Contacts.

Stuck on the FullContact Address Book loading screen

If you are stuck on the grey loading screen within FullContact, try pasting this link into your browser / adding "logout" to the end of the URL.

This will force a logout on your account so you can log back in. If it continues to have issues after trying this, please contact us at

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