Most Popular: Top 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of the FullContact API

As you get started using the FullContact API, here are some important tips that'll help you get the best results:

1: Get a Free Match Test

When testing out the Person API, sample sizes of less than a few hundred can skew results.

We can run a free match test on a larger sample to give you a better idea of what results you'd see on a larger scale. Just email us at and we'll set it up. 

2: Remember: You're charged for matches, not calls.

We only charge for successful matches - with the free API plan, you get up to 250 free matches per month.

A "match" is a response where we return fields to your query (a 200 response). Any other response code (404, 202) does not count against your monthly matches.

3: What happens when I make repeated calls for the same query?

Every 200 response counts as a match, even if you've made the query before.

4: 202 responses are normal.

A 202 means we haven't seen this query before so we're searching for public information. This search takes two minutes or less. If we haven't found anything by then, we return a 404.

Please see our docs for a complete flowchart of the response codes.

5: Implement webhooks to manage 202's.

The best way to deal with 202's is to implement webhooks. We'll POST a response back to your webhook listener when we've completed our search.

You can also make queue calls to seed our API then call back later.

6: 404's are also normal.

Sometimes we just can't find public information, due to the person's low social presence, high privacy settings, or the terms of service of some networks. In those cases we return a 404 response.

7: To retain data, you'll need to upgrade.

As a user on the free FullContact API plan, you are required to delete data we provide after seven days. If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can retain data for as long as you are a customer.

And there you have it. 7 things that will make your life using the FullContact API a lot easier. Thanks again for trying out our API!

For more comprehensive information, please visit our docs - or email us at if you have questions. We're glad to help.

If you like your free trial, our business plans start at just $99 per month for 6,000 matches.

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