LinkedIn import FAQs

1. Why is this a one-directional import and not a bi-directional sync?
LinkedIn’s terms of use restrict us from importing large amounts of contact data on your behalf in a short period of time. As a result, we use your ability - as a LinkedIn user - to export your contacts and then import them into FullContact to accomplish the same thing. This prevents us from regularly syncing back any changes to LinkedIn on your behalf.

2. After I do this the first time, do I need to do it again periodically?
Yes, since we cannot access your LinkedIn account on your behalf, we periodically notify you when it is a good time to refresh your LinkedIn contacts. This should not inconvenience the vast majority of users. You will be notified approx. every 30 days to re-import your LinkedIn contacts.

3. After I do this the first time, how do I do it subsequent times?
You can refresh your LinkedIn contacts by going to the Settings page and clicking on Import from LinkedIn to upload a new LinkedIn export file.

4. How often should I import?
This depends on how quickly you accumulate new contacts and how often your existing contacts update their information. If you add several new connections or more each week, we recommend repeating this process weekly. Otherwise, you can refresh once a month to make sure that most of your LinkedIn contacts are current. You can re-import by clicking on 'Import from LinkedIn' on your Settings page:

5. How do I know when the last time I did an import?
To see when you last imported your LinkedIn contacts, go to Settings and you will see the date when you last updated your LinkedIn address book next to Import from LinkedIn.

6. When doing subsequent imports, are duplicate contacts going to be created?
No, FullContact will detect duplicates and intelligently merge information from the old and new versions.

7. What if I add a connection on LinkedIn, will it be added on my next import?
Yes, this new connection will be added the next time your refresh your contacts.

8. What if I unfriend a LinkedIn connection, will it be removed from FullContact after my next import?
No, this connection will not be removed, although you can easily delete this contact in FullContact (if the contact has been added to your My Contacts in FullContact).

9. What if I make a change to a contact record, and then do a new import, will my changes be lost?
No, FullContact will intelligently merge information from the old and new versions, so you will not lose any information.

10. Why when doing a re-sync do I have a couple contacts that display as duplicate contacts? (edge case where a user changes their primary email address in LinkedIn)
This is likely due to the case where one of your contacts changed their primary email address in LinkedIn, which is the key factor that FullContact uses to merge old and new versions of that contact. In this case, you can use our Merge Duplicates feature to merge the two (and retain both email addresses).

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